Friday, April 18, 2014

I Played With Puppies Today!

Aren't you totally jealous?  you should be.

My friend is Lagniappe Borzoi and Silken Windhounds.  They have six pups and 10 big dogs.  If you want to see all her dogs, check out her web page at or click here

Here are some photos from the first time the pups got to play in the "big dog" yard.  For the first time they saw the fish pond with the koi, banana trees and the RV.

Let's just say, I was in Dog Heaven for the afternoon.

 Here is Beau Soliel and two of her pups.  BoSo is the sweetest girl.  she is not at all uppity about all those ribbons she has won!

Bourée is a Silken. He tied for first place at the ASFA International Invitational lure course event when he was 6 1/2. He is now 9, good for an old guy.  He has a ways to go, Punzi is 16!
 This is  Bonfire -he is a Silken Windhound and he is watching.  Dee said Bonfire is the official watcher of everything. 

 That is Frank petting one of the Borzoi pups.
 This was so funny.  It is a koi pond that is only about a foot deep right there.  Lots of young koi in it fascinated the pups.  Here are all 6 pups staring at the fish, who of course, rushed to the side to stare at the pups.

Here is Greg, fishing a pup out of the water after the inevitable fall into the pond.

And that is Brubeck walking in front of the photo.  He is also a Champion Silken Windhound.

Then of course, there is always one who doesn't learn the first time.

Here is Dee and some of her big dogs. 

 Here is Beau Soliel and two of her pups.  She was telling them not to get into the pond, I think.
This  one was fascinated by the duck decoy.  By the end of our visit, all the pups had gone into the pond, and successfully gotten out by themselves.  that was an important lesson if they are to see ponds in the future.

And they were green with pond scum and black with Louisiana black soil!  What a mess.

 Here are some of the pups finding the banana trees.  They played tug of war with the banana stems.
Eventually they tuckered out and fell asleep in various places in the yard.

What a great day for their first day in the big dog yard!


  1. What beautiful dogs! I am totally jealous!

  2. Beautiful happy tails! Frank will do anything to keep you out of that bead shop:-)

  3. Gorgeous dogs. I've not heard of a Windhound but I have a Borzoi, from watching the televised dog shows on occasion. I love the dog on the table, watching. I think the most fun kind of day would be meeting and playing with puppies.

  4. Those are beautiful dogs! They look like a handful though!


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