Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KerBloom Quilting Moves Over for a Birthday

LOL.  Yes, Patty you are so right!  I used 5 bobbins yesterday, all I had available to fill with black thread.  So I refilled them and used one last night.

Today is Frank's Birthday and he took off.  But didn't tell me.  So everything I had planned went out the window.   He wanted to go to lunch, we went.  For his birthday he wanted a gun that shot a laser and measured temperatures of what you shot.  Like a cold air duct.

I went to my buddies at Ace Hardware and once they stopped laughing, thy special ordered the gun for me.  The Ace guy said he had gotten one for himself.  I asked how much he used it, and he said for the first week he shot the temperature of everything he saw.  After the first week he ran out of things to  shoot and his wife put it away.

I have a feeling the same thing will happen here.  But I figure that I have rulers I use only for one type of block and I don't make that block every day.  And I got it for him.



  1. I love how the Ace Hardware man was so honest with you. Maybe you can encourage Frank to use it a lot as soon as it arrives and he'll tire of it quick enough for a return?

  2. Happy b-day Frank! I usually wind 8 to 10 bobbins at a time and go to town! I can run thru a bobbin in 15 minutes!

  3. Too funny! The ruler story put it all in perspective, so...yep, it makes sense to me! ;D

  4. lol...Men and their toys! I guess it's like us and our quilting toys! Got to have those toys.


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