Saturday, April 12, 2014

TNT Class and Buying More Fabric

Yes, I admit I have bought a significant amount of fabric in the last week.   But there are specific uses for those pieces I purchased. 

For example, I took a road trip toJ&B Quilting in Lafayette this morning. All I bought was 2 yards of that particular grey green for the Tea Towel Quilt I can find nowhere else in the entire world. 

And I needed a back for the star quilt.  It requires 4 yards and I really don't have those large pieces in my fabric collection.  On top of that, it was an odd blueish blue greenish green.  Not one or the other.  So I got an odd blueish greenish blue green for the back.

So that is six yards incoming.  But I can put the Star on the frame now and claim both the front and the back as used when I finish it up. 

And I can continue to work on the Tea Towel Quilt and get that done. 

And I had nothing for the River City Mystery Quilt.  So I ordered in some batiks to fill that gap.  I envisioned it in batik and had none.  So now I have 5.5 extra yards for that as well.  Of course it arrives the day I get 5.5 yards from J&B in Lafayette!

How smart was that????

About  the TNT Class at Quilt Corner in Central.  I am doing a right bit of traveling, aren't I???  And I am the one who hates traveling!   Go figure, the call of fabric is strong!

The Thread, Needles, Tension class was a good one.  Not as much about tension as I would have liked, but I did learn some things.  If you get a chance to take a class on thread and tension, I say go for it.  there were some things I was confused about on setting up the machine and this cleared up somme misgivings as well.

It was good.


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