Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Have the Best Looking Doctors and Now the Best Looking Shoes!

I have the best looking surgeon.  And he speaks with a hint of an accent, classically educated in the arts, got into Dartmouth College which is the #8 medical school in the country. And he has no malpractice suits against him and that is better than how good looking he is.  And now we have a meeting of our minds.

I bought a new pair of tennies. They look shiny here but they are more grey in real life.  And PINK.  As part of New Balance's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign when you purchase a pair they make a donation. The fact that they fit well, were NB and for Breast Cancer made them just  perfect!

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  1. Snazzy! It's hard to find a good pair of sneakers that fit and protect. The older I get the more problems with my feet I have. Are you getting that operation? When you do, how long will you not be able to walk? Frank will need to take time off to wait on you and tend to your every desire. You ought to think of some sitting projects to do also. Maybe beading me that fish purse?


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