Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oops! I Did It Again!

I went to the fabric  store that is closing and bought more fabric.  23.5 yards to be exact.

It all started  because she reduced fabric prices even further.  And I kept thinking about those stupid bees.  I REALLY wanted those  bees last time but dumped them in consideration of getting too much fabric.  You know.

 I wanted those bees, so back I go, spurred on by the lowering prices.

Then I saw a backing piece for a Santa quilt I designed 6 o 7 years ago and won first prize in the contest.  It was just a top, put aside because it is complicated to quilt.  Well, now I have a backing for it and it should be part of my OPAM projects for later this year.

Then I saw a pile of panels for $2.50.  Great kids quilts for the many people Carrie knows who are having babies.  They all need quilts!

Then I thought, hmmmmm.......what a great piece those circles are.  And the blue and yellow fell in line.  Not sure about the orangy pinky piece, but it jumped in as a possibility.  I am thinking now that a nice white Kona will be better in that spot.

Paula kept picking up that middle print.  And WHOA NELLIE! it just jumped into my pile as well!  Along with its buddies the blue and the green.  Maybe some Kona white here as well.

I needed to think about a back for the London Tower Tea Towel quilt and this yellow batik seemed to be in the same tonal range as the ones in the quilt front.  I am sure it will work.

 And what do you know.......this BIG PRINT came home too.  I am thinking a nice stack and whack type quilt with black sashing might be in store for it.

I got a backing for  this quilt top that still needs borders to be a top.  But this gold is a fabulous match for the batik top.  Can't remember what this was called and three people asked me what it was when I was in the shop.

 I bought these two as stash pieces for future projects with my Fiber group.  I am sure they will find places to live.  I am very sure!

And one more thing.......I thought I had included this in the stack but it must not have gotten to the final cutting table.  It was the backing for this Elephant Quilt for Carrie.  So I guess I will just HAVE to make ONE MORE TRIP to the quilt shop.

Darn, darn, darn.............just sayin'


  1. how could you not buy this fabric? it is all really good stuff - love the bees as well and from here the choice for the tea towel is perfect. I am very jealous. I'll bet you saved at least $4.00 a yard on all this fabric so you saved $94.00!

  2. You seem to have a purpose for your purchases so it is ok in my book! The bee fabric is great! It's a wonder there was still some left.

  3. Wonderful choices! And I agree....darn, darn, darn, another trip to the quilt store!!! LOL!!!


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