Wednesday, June 4, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 5 - {the light arrived}

Belle has a good one this Wednesday.  I had to skip gallery 4 last week because I was in Alaska so I went through the trip photos and found some amazing light shots.  Amazing because it was so overcast most of the time we were there and I thought the pictures would all be miserable.  So I really was amazed with the light. And the pictures!

My {the light arrived} is from the prompt Belle gave us saying "I'm preparing a course that dabbles in the creative, playful, and sensual which is why I've been reading Neruda on the daily.
Were does the light arrive for you? Capture that (and I hope to see a multitude of different interpretations on this prompt). Light does not = sun alone. Light gets into every crack and crevice. Light permeates. Light awakens the senses, the sleepy children, our spirits. This prompt is all about finding that light."

There are some amazing shots within my several hundred pictures I came home with. Here are some.  Now I have to choose just one to post to her website!

Enjoy these and come back in the next few days for more photos of the ports we stopped in, the glaciers we touched, the icebergs we drank and the incredible flowers in the gardens I limped through!

yes, light arrived in the most amazing way for me this week!

 The clouds sit on the mountain and reflect a lot of light with that white sky, white snow and white clouds.
 This is when the first sun poked its head through the clouds.  Of course it was at the end of our voyage.  Pretty none-the-less.  See the patterning of the sun on that mountain?
 Even though this guy was inside, I love the way the light looks like it is shining from his inside.  I have never seen a flamingo looking like this with the lighter colors underneath.  I can see why women loved to wear their feathers.
This is one of my favorite shots from the entire 12 days.  Sunset not quite finished, the boat lit from below, the moon just hanging there.  It was really romantic!

And this is an iceberg!  There could be no better example of the play of light!  The blue ice is from the way the light is refracted back to your eye. 

Come back in the next few days and I will put up more photos from the trip.  We walked very close to the glacier, strolled on a moraine, visited two gardens, rode the Big Wheel.  I walked the most beautiful dam in the and I took a photo of a happy fisherman!  And the mountains!  And the sky!  And the seas!

Now if I could just figure out how to get that spot off the lens.  It is in EVERY photo.   Do you think I could get the inside cleaned?  Do they do that any more?  Can you find a camera shop any more?



  1. Wow! Wow! And wow! What beautiful photos of a beautiful land! Did you stand at the bow of the shop yelling top of the world! With the wind blowing thru your hair while sailing past icebergs and whales? Sounds like a great trip.
    What is this new prompt thing you are doing? Sounds very interesting and fun

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for adding to {the light arrived}.


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