Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deception Pass in the Rain wth Dogs

Deception Pass is one of the most photographed sites on the western coast.  Pretty big statement when you figure California is on the western coast.  It was first mapped in June 1792 by Joseph Whidbey and George Vancouver.  I guess he started Vancouver, the city just north of here. 

It was called Deception Pass because it had misled him into thinking Whidbey Island was a peninsula. The "deception" was heightened due to Whidbey's failure to find the strait. I keep calling it Deception Point which is a novel by Dan Brown.  Not the same thing.

 Deception Pass is a dramatic seascape where the tidal flow and whirlpools beneath the twin bridges connecting Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island move quickly. During ebb and flow tide current speed reaches about 10 mph, flowing in opposite directions between ebb and flood. This swift current can lead to standing waves, large whirlpools, and roiling eddies. This swift current phenomenon can be viewed from the twin bridges' pedestrian walkways or from the trail leading below the larger south bridge from the parking lot on the Whidbey Island side. Boats can be seen waiting on either side of the pass for the current to stop or change direction before going through. Thrill-seeking kayakers go there during large tide changes to surf the standing waves and brave the class 2 and 3 rapid conditions.

 When we were there it was pouring rain.   But I got to talk with the owners of this guy whose name was Lucky.  He  was soaking wet from walking on the trails in the rain, something that few of my bassets would do.  Although, they might well go out in the rain for a ride and nature walk.

There are two spans, one to the island and the other from the island to the other shore.  To get these photos I had to get out of the car and walk down into the commemoration area........you know it.......in the rain.

Frank couldn't get out of the car at this point because we couldn't figure out how to turn the stupid car off.  So I walked out by myself.  In the rain.

But I have said before, I do love bridges and this one was worth getting wet for.

We don't  have anything like this in Louisiana!  the glacial runoff water is green with glacial silt.

There were so many greens in this land of much rain!  I think it is an actual rain forest.  

this is looking out on the inlet.  I am thinking if it were a clear day you would be seeing the Ocean.  
  Look at the wild roses!  Full of rain drops!  Enlarge that photo, it is really nice.

there were lots of these golden flowers around as well.  I knew at some point what they were, something like wolfbloom. 

Anyone know?

I have more tomorrow!  Keep watching.

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