Wednesday, July 30, 2014

52 Photos - gallery 13 summertime refreshments

I drink a lot of water.  A lot.  But as healthful as plain water is, it is boring.  Give me a nice cold beer with a hot hamburger topped with bleu cheese just off the grill.

Or a Dr. Pepper -  I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?  LOL!  Do you
remember that song?  Yep, I'm part of an original crowd!  LOL

Ahhhh!  Dr. Pepper and Cheetos, Food of the Gods!!!

Winter, spring, summer or fall...always my favorites.


  1. Cheetos and Mountain Dew - now that is a winning combination! I like to do the Dew!

  2. this makes me smile. because i remember loving these :)

  3. I alternate a week of water and another beer!

  4. I love it, especially the beer and blue-cheese burger. Blessings!

  5. I'm hooked on those puffed bacon rind things - BACON! No carb and less fat than pot chips - and it tastes like BACON!!!

  6. I flavor my water with fruit! FroZen strawberries, blueberries and melons! Makes great Ice. Love some good craft brewed IPA...thank goodness I have a friend that is a brewer! Do you like the extra hoppiness of IPAs?


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