Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leg update!!!!

Yesterday we went to the infectious disease doctors office in Baton Rouge.  We were told at that time that she was not in the office.  So we went home.  Riding in a car for me is painful and exhausting at this point.

This morning we went to her other office in Gonzales. She was two hours late but her evaluation of my leg was that everything was healing well and looking good.   One of the concerns has always been that the cellulitis would get inside the wound. But it has not.

I was pleased. Frank was pleased. The doctor was pleased.  I was also exhausted I came home took a pain pill and fell asleep. Then Zack the physical therapist called.  He was heading this way!

Oh good, more pain!

But that session was not that bad and I'm resting comfortably with ice right now. I'm getting past 90° bent.  I'm at 93 right now. And I'm at 5° on straight.  Pretty darn good for being a week and a day out of surgery. With the complication of the swelling with the cellulitis.

So I am the stellar patient I wanted to be. Just with a little blip in the road.

I am exhausted so I'm going to sleep the afternoon away. Frank vacuum this morning.  He mopped the floors yesterday.  He's out cutting the grass now. And later he'll cook me dinner.

If I didn't have this pain in my leg I could get pretty used to this!!!


  1. It definitely does look like you're back on track for a stellar recovery. Keep up the good work.

  2. So good to hear you are truly on the mend! It is wonderful Frank is helping out so much. Now after you are better he needs to keep it up. It is amazing how they forget how to clean and cook when you get better!


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