Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Night Before

All day long I kept thinking like:  at 8:00 AM tomorrow I will be in surgery or just coming out, at 10:00 AM I might be heading to a room; at 2PM I  will maybe wake up for lunch; at 4PM they will have me walking down the hallway to see what torture they can inflict upon me.

I have my lanyards and my tea wallets.  

I had lunch with Ann, afternoon tea with Paula and dinner with Carrie.  They are keeping me busy and not thinking!  Carrie and Andrew will have the run of the house. 

I have asked Carrie to post tomorrow night about how I am doing.  Maybe she will remember.  I hope so.  If not, I will post later when I can.

I am looking forward to this time tomorrow!



  1. You are on your way to being a new woman !!! You'll do fine... I am positive of it.

  2. I know I'll be thinking those thoughts about you. You are so well-prepared, I know it'll go well.


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