Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Things Are Just Worth Waiting For

Yes, some things just are.  And some things just end up making you wait!

Here is my block that I totally missed doing for the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  I was supposed to "start" the quilt for the person on the line above me in the list.  It is a weighty thing, starting a quilt that will be someone else's.

You might thing that a strange comment, due to the fact that the nature of the Louisiana Traveling Quilt is that 9 other people will work on the quilt.  But starting it is very personal to me.  It gives the rest of the 9 a direction, moral quilt compass if you will.  A place to go from here.

i looked at her Pinterest page of things she made, things she likes and things that interest her.  And I came up with this little guy.

I think she will like it.  I certainly do.  In fact I so much like it, I am thinking of doing those colors in the next thing for myself.

So it will be mailed off tonight on my way to dinner with a friend! 



  1. Here's hoping that it's mine! lol It really is a pretty block and I do love the colors. Aren't you glad that's done now so the weighty thing is off your shoulders? And such a great job!

  2. Great much does it cost to ship or is it hand delivered to the next participant?


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