Wednesday, August 6, 2014

52 Photos Gallery 14 - Stairs

Come on.  We live in Louisiana.  The only stairs we find are in two story houses!  LOL

We have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively throughout the nation and the world.  Mostly the nation.  On our travels we have encountered a lot of stairs going from various places to other places.

It seems that stairs have not really changed much over the thousands of years we have been building them.  Here are stairs in Olympia Greece, where the first Olympics were held around 776 BC under the watchful eye of Zeus.

The wonderfully rusted stairs are those we take to cross River Road in downtown Baton Rouge heading to the levee that holds the mighty Mississippi River in its banks.

If we have a  theme of floods, I have some wonderful pictures of the Mississippi River in various flood stages right off these stairs.

These stairs are not on the levee per se, but the way to get safely across the busy street to the levee.  the levee itself has stairs of concrete that reinforce the levee on both sides at Baton Rouge.  Once it leaves the confines of the city it is just a tall river bank monitored closely by the Corps of Engineers.

The Corps are charged with caring for the levees.  But it you pay them off, they will look the other way.

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  1. Interesting stairs! Are you able to walk up stairs yet?


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