Thursday, August 28, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 17 - Recycled/Repurposed

Week 17 is the best yet!1  Right up my alley.  I just love going to Purple Cow and going through the bargains.  The best part of the store is way way in the back against the wall.  There they cull from the already low priced beauties and hang all kinds of clothing pieces on the 99 Cent Wall.  They call it the Red Cow (maybe it is the Blue Cow, I can't remember.)

I get overwhelmed by the 99 cent wonders!  Every time I go there I spend about $15-20 on stuff to bring home.  Wonderful stuff.  And the rule is that Frank gets to go through the men's shirts before I cut them up!  He used to be really paranoid about someone finding out he is wearing a 99 cent shirt, but when he finally got close enough to look at them, he found some really cool shirts.   We fight overr the really cool ones!

Once I get the finds home and washed, I cut them into pieces that can be used in my quilt making.

Here is one that I started 3 years ago and then put away in a box.  That often happens with quilters.  They are called UFOs, UnFinished Projects.  We get stuck, we get tired of a project or we get drawn away by a more alluring project.  And the poor little unfinished beauty lays forgotten in that box.  We all have them; some more than others.  I won't tell you how many I have but let's just say there are more than Obama has states.

I designed the center of the block to look like it was floating.  The shadow it casts is made from  black tulle.  It  was ingenious! 

On this cutie, I have four more of the centers on which to add the shadow and individual borders.  Then I can put them together and add some borders around the entire quilt.  Two, maybe three. 

Once I finish the quilt top, it will go on longarm frame where a back and some batting will be added and all the layers stitched together.  It will be finished when the binding is stitched around the edges to make them smooth and beautiful!


  1. Those blocks are great! I love the floating affect with the tulle! Did you lay the tulle on top of the base fabric and treat them as one piece as you sewed the block together? More than 50 UFOs? Wow, that is a lot of UFOs!

  2. I affectionately call this a Hobo look. I love it.

  3. The shadow casts are amazing. The small squares remind me of vintage photos. And what a small world to think you've been to orcas as well. Our previous trip had us riding in a downpour for 3 hours, so I was glad for all the sunny days this recent trip. Look forward to the chance to see your rain shots in a rainy day 52!

  4. I love the float & shadow effect! I think I have some dark tulle laying around somewhere....

    Perfect for the recycled/repurposed photo prompt too!

  5. Awesome! Thank you for sharing.


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