Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beating Cholesterol

For as health conscious as we are, Frank has a moderate range cholesterol level.  He used to take cholesterol lowering drugs but after looking into the drugs he decided not to continue taking them. Dr. Oz says that over 97% of the people taking these drugs would not need them if they would lose weight and change their eating habits.

So last year he decided to test that.  After one year his cholesterol level is just 219.  Over the desired 200 but not much.  Two years ago, my own cholesterol was 208 and I refused the prescription my doctor offered me.

It is working, but it can work better.  In that vein, I am trying to change some of the things we eat.  We actually eat pretty healthily, but of course we can do better. Wait till you see tonight's dinner!

It was a casserole.  And smelled heavenly while it was cooking and I kept saying that I hoped it tasted as good as it smelled!  Luckily it did!

Get a pound bag of large Lima beans and boil them in water for an hour to rehydrate them. Drain in a colander.  Take a large leek chopped, 4 green onions chopped and about 2 lbs of rinsed and drained spinach leaves (I used a mix of baby spinach and baby kale). Put the spinach into a LARGE bowl and add a cup of plain yogurt (mine was homemade!!) and 5 oz of crumbled feta.  Mix well.

In a 13x 9 dish, layer 1/2 the spinach mix, the beans and then the rest of the spinach mix.  Top with grated cheddar cheese and 3 chopped Roma tomatoes and some Italian bread crumbs.  Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours.  Let sit 15 minutes and eat!!!

It was as delicious as it was healthy!!!!  And actually filling.

 And we have enough for 37 more meals!!  Which is not really that good, because Frank does not like spinach!!!!!

LOL, do I care?


  1. You can also supplement with Fish Oil capsules & red rice yeast tablets to help with cholesterol too. They worked for me & for my BIL, without any side effects.

  2. It sounds good - I love beans but you said soak for an hour? I've never used dried limas (never even seen them in the store) but any beans I've used dried takes a long time to soak and then they still sometimes don't come out good. Did you get the limas at a health food store or specialty place. I have found memories of succatash (corn and limas) as a kid. probablly why I am addicted to carbs so much. I can leave the meat and cake and evern the butter but don't take away my bread!

    I've tried that fish oil also but it (excuse the grossness here) made me burb fishy and not the good fish, the cheap cat food fish - eeeeeeew!

    ever try steel cut oats for breakfast? americas test kitchen has an easy recipe that you have to start the night before but it doesn't involve a slow cooker and anything complicated.

  3. What was Frank's before if it is 219 now? The casserole sounds good, but I would have to leave out the onions. I hate onions.


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