Friday, August 29, 2014

Inventions I Came Across When Making the Cheddar Floating Squares

I completed the four squares to make the quilt not square.  I really hate square quilts for some reason.  I know there are some quilts that HAVE  to be square, but if I can help it, it won't be square!

And in the process, I remembered some important things about working with the tulle.

I used a pressing sheet to press the blocks so the tulle would not melt  I think I invented something really cool tonight.   I couldn't find my pressing sheet (of course), so I grabbed a piece of that interfacing that has no sticky on it.  The kind you put in collars.  Not light, not heavy, it must be like a medium weight.  The great thing about that was I could cut the piece to the size of the block.  Cool!  Try it.  I am sure you have some laying around like I did.  (If I had needed it, I would never have found it!)

And I realized that I used two layers of the tulle.  My tulle was actually a dark blue.  I think I must have chosen that on purpose, thinking that the blue would be a compliment of the cheddar yellow.

Yes, let's think that way.

If you want the measurements of my pieces, I can write that up for you.  There are more pieces than you think in this block.  Since I have already done the work, I can share it with you.

Over the weekend I can do that if you like.

So far I have the top three rows sewn but not together.   I wanted to be ale to move the plain blocks around, but I think I will leave them like they are.

Coming along!  Coming along!

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  1. Great to see you sewing again. I have been wondering how your knee is doing.


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