Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Squares Quilted

I finished up the quilting on the baby squares.  this one does not have an intended that I know of.  But I am sure Carrie will call in  an absolute panic and want a quilt for a shower in two hours.  So it will be ready.  All it needs is a binding.

I bought a new Angela Walters book called Shape By Shape to use as a guide for doing some free motions quilting on some larger quilts and I thought I would try a lot of them out.  I did find some favorites though.  Like the squares that sort of resemble Greek Key pattern.  That one is easy to do and looks great either in a square or along a border.

I tried to do some square work and some curve work intermixed in the blocks.  Here is the entire back.  It is Ecology Cloth.  I like using Ecology cloth because you can get it on the internet at a really low price, you can get it in wider widths (not 108 however), it is a nice weight for the back and it washes beautifully. you can see your thread work on the back.

A big con is that you can see all your thread work on the back!  I can't remember if I have seen it in colors, I think I have.

Here are the individual areas and the quilting.

My favorite one, easy.  Just mark your areas so  they are somewhat even.  I put a book on it and eyeballed the distance.  These are about 7 tall x 5 inches wide.

This one is also easy to do.  I probably would have looked better had I marked the distances, but heck, it is free motion.  Get over it!

Here I just did some smaller squares and kept crossing over the lines to make more squares.  I got myself into a corner once and it was easy to get out of.  That is not always true with some designs.

This was kind of a crescent moon shape that seesawed back and forth.  I don't think marking is necessary for this design.  It was easy to do if I paid attention.

Good old meandering!  What can I say.  I
was running out of things to do and I had already repeated several.  So I meandered  in the last block.

This one was interesting.  I make the center chain and then did the echo lines around it.  As you can see, I am not an expert at making circles nicely!

I did some individual work in the two center blocks.  Actually there was only one center block, but I did what I wanted for the center block in the NOT the center block.  So I adjusted.

You should too.

 This was pretty easy.  I guess I would like it better if the lines were more rounded in the centers.  I am talking about the points.  I wrote that in the book, "Make the points more rounded and you will like them better."

Most all, you just have to relax, loosen your death grip  on your machine and drink a glass of wine.  Then just dive in!


  1. Looks good to me! Check out this fern feather she just posted -

  2. A glass of wine makes everything work better!

  3. The baby quilt turned out great! You seem to be back in the swing of things! YEAH! Oh, the tote bag turned out very nice too. I am sure the ladies at the rehab center will love them!

  4. I also recently picked up Angela Walters' book and found some interesting ideas within. I think your quilt looks great.


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