Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cutting Up and Cutting Out

When I went to see Theresa on Tuesday, she gave me the fabrics for the Dr. Seuss quilt for Tory.  And I have the football quilt for Caroline's baby William.  Let me show you what beauties I have for these two quilts.  I think they both should make up pretty quickly.

I am going to do some cutting today and aim for the weekend to begin sewing.  The football is one huge. Lock.  But the Lorax could potentially become two quilts.  We shall see how it turns out.  Tory got two panels for 20 blocks but I think it would be totally adorable to make up two quilts and surprise them.

Well, I can't show anything to you because my batteries died and the replacement ones got unplugged from the socket to plug the vacuum cleaner in.  It wasn't me, I don't do vacuums!!!!

Ever since that movie called The Mysterians, where the alien who killed everyone looked like our canister vac.  That ended vacuuming for me!!!!  And yes, they call Frank the V-Man!  He knows all about them and what they cost and which one is the best.

But he doesn't remember to plug the batteries back in!!!

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  1. Small price to pay for getting someone to vacuum for you :-)


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