Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stash Report 10-5-14

I can't believe it is October already.  I remember when I was laying on the sofa
in a lot of pain from my knee and the cellulitis and thinking it would never be 3 months out and less pain.....and here we are!

I am pleased with the progress on the knee.  I barely have a limp.  I still have some swelling but that will go on for the next  to 12 months.  If I stretch the hamstring 8 or 9 times a day it keep it from bunching up behind the knee; it feels much better and I walk straighter.

He won't let me ride my bicycle yet, he says there are not too many ways you can mess up a knee replacement, but falling on it will do just that!  So I am confined to the stationary bike at the gym.  Grumble, grumble.

It is beautiful biking weather and I am dying to get out and ride!

For those just checking in, still no bed.  But they have said they are pretty sure it will be in on the Tuesday shipment.  That mean potentially by Thursday I could be vibrating.

My stash saw some depletion from the solids pile.  I would say about a yard and a half.  that was to the Seuss 2 quilt.  I have to make the backs for both the Lorax and the Seuss 2 quilts but I have to get Frank to help me drag out the box of batting and lop off two sections of it.  And I am not speaking to him at the present time.

So it might be a while........

Used this week -1.83
Used this month -1.83 used this year -110.33
bought this week 1
bought this month 1 bought this year 180.75
plus or minus -0.83
plus or minus -0.83 plus or minus 70.42


  1. Are you the biker chick in the photo? And what is sticking out of your head? There must be a story behind that one:-)

  2. It is getting down in the upper 40's here at night, but I refuse to turn the heat on in October! I like the room cold so I can sleep under two or three quilts. Now that the center is sewn together, triangles at both ends looks good. It seems if you put them at the side the quilt is too wide for the length.

    Upset at Frank?


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