Monday, November 3, 2014

Nothing To Do - Yeah Right!

No way!  I have tons of stuff to do.  So I sat around all morning and did none of them!

That just means I have no pressing things to do for someone else.  It really did feel good to do nothing but play on the internet an watch Fox News.  I ordered a new roll of batting for the longarm and some rotary cutting  blades (I got a great deal on them). I should be in there cleaning up that darned room.

Here are some photos from the shower yesterday.  The happy mommas loved the quilts.  Tory said, this has surpassed our greatest dreams!

And that felt good!

 This is the pregnant one, Loni.

These are the two happy mommas-to-be!

This, believe it or not, is the grandmother in the blue shirt.  They were modeling toilet paper diapers that other party goers decorated them with.

Here is Tory and Loni taking the quilts out of the Tote Bag.

Here they  are showing off the quilts, and everybody is Ohh-ing and Ahhh-ing!


  1. Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing is good! The quilts turned out great and I am sure they will be cherished! Now go clean that room!


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