Sunday, December 7, 2014

BOOKS and Fabric Usage Figures

I have some usage figures this week, I will have you know.

Used this week -11.5
Used this month -11.5 used this year -165.25
bought this week 0
bought this month 3 bought this year 218.75
plus or minus -11.5
plus or minus -8.5 plus or minus 53.5

I used a huge amount for the bacing of Jersey Shore and made some journal covers for the CAAWS Board members for sticking it out with me this year.

I see I made a mistake in the Bought This Week column, I should have added the 3  yards of doggy fabric I purchased for the journal covers.  Somehow though, I inculded it in the Bought This Month column, so the rest is correct.

I have to tell you about the fabulous QUILTING BOOKS I ordered for FREE! On Frank's bonus points from him slaving away at work selling all that mechanical equipment all day long.  I  will take photos of the NINE books tomorrow and tell you about them.  The last two days  I have been POURING through them!  I think I have them  memorized!

One is making a quilt from maps!  Kelly and I are going to have conniption fits over that one!


  1. Nothing is better than free quilting books and a good friend to share them with! Congrats on your fabric usage this week!


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