Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cotton Robin AND Stash Report

This is one  I worked on in 2013
If you are interested in joining in the fun with the Cotton Robin and want to stretch your creativity on a small project, it is time to let Julie know.  We have 18 player who will be working together so far.

COTTON ROBIN   Click here to see the rules!

Stash Report - slow this week,  slow, very slow.  Didn't buy anything, didn't use anything.

Used this week 0
Used this month -11.5 used this year -165.25
bought this week 0
bought this month 3 bought this year 218.75
plus or minus 0
plus or minus -8.5 plus or minus 53.5

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  1. as best as I can tell I have bought 201 yards and will use 169 after I get the flannel quilt done. We are pretty close in our numbers! Does it count when you win fabric? I just found out I won 15 FQ and 2 spool of Aurifill 50 wt. I have no idea what the fabric looks like so it will be a surprise! I don't care for Aurifill 50 wt. as it does not work well in my machine. 40 wt. would be better, but it may come in handy for one of my quilt group members. She is very broke right now and I try to help her out with all the extra thread and fabric I have so she maybe able to use the thread.


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