Wednesday, January 21, 2015

52 Photos - Week 38 - Teal

This week Belle's prompt is a color.  I was secretly hoping she would make it sunset since I have these beauties from my birthday on Saturday.  There is no teal in that sunset though!

Teal seems to be the "it" color now.  Carrie has filled her house with it.  All the new fabric lines are coming out in teal.  Lois' shirt on Family Guy is teal, which I never thought of before.  I wonder if she ever really washes that shirt, seems she wears it every week.

There is nothing in my yard that is teal.  Nor my house.  Nor my shirt.   I guess we are not really modern. 

I do have teal fabric, though!  You know me, I always can produce fabric in whatever color you can name (and then some).......

I am so into foxes right now.  And these cuties are one of my favorite pieces.  I wonder what makes foxes so fabulous?  

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  1. Now that is a fabric I have never seen before. Very nice! I like teal and have some in my stash. I think teal can be a close cousin of turquoise which I love very much! See you in 28 days!


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