Thursday, January 8, 2015

Play Day!

(I set Mr. Roomba loose to do the den and kitchen.  Chloe is currently hiding in the corner of the kitchen by the window.  She is very suspicious of Mr. Roomba, he just might vac up her glorious tail!)

Ann and I both had a free day that collided with the other's free day!  That doesn't happen often anymore.  We took off to visit Charlene, whose free day collided just beautifully!  What a day!

I so enjoyed the opportunity to be with my two good friends on such a beautiful day.

Of course, we were in the vicinity of the Borne Quilter which is closing doors.  They had some good sales and I did have that $100 Frank gave me for fabric at Christmas.  Remember that?  (I spent it three times over!)  Silly boy, he needs to step up to the 4 figure level!

One of the things I love to do is to draft quilts that I love.  So I got out my EQ and worked out the dynamics of a fairly simple triangle quilt.  I play around with colors and when I hit the black button for the background, WOW!  It grabbed my brain.

So when at the Borne Quilter I looked for just the right solids and accompaniments to put one together.  this is how it may look!

And here are the purchases just for this quilt.  I also scored some fat quarters that go with these beauties.    Of course I bought way more than what I needed just for this quilt. 

I will show you additional things I purchased when I can retake the photos.  The colors were totally off on some of the shot cottons.  I guess because of the two different threads used. 

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  1. Nothing better than going to a quilt shop with friends. Sounds like the perfect day :-)


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