Thursday, January 15, 2015

Slept In; Sewed A Back; Watched TV

Pretty much my day.  I also craved (and made) a Chocolate Pudding Cake.  Amazing stuff, it is.  Think hot with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  Yum!

But let me tell you about the back I made.

It is for the Moda Challenge Quilt from the Modern Guild last year.  I had the top finished for the Guild Challenge but I was very sick the day of the meeting and didn't make it there.  So it never got shown.

The challenge was from fabric sent to the guilds to distribute to those interested.  I imagine it is a great way to get people interested in a new line and gives others ideas how to use the new line.

The rules stated that any solid or Moda print could be added.  I really don't pay attention to the manufacturer so I had to go through my stash and find the Moda fabric by looking at the selvages.  And I found a few, not many, but a few.

I have always wanted to do a bookshelf quilt.  I looked at a couple few and then set up five blocks to set upon my shelves.

So this quilt top has only Moda prints or solids.  The backing, I pulled from my stash.  But I was a strip short.  I was looking around for something appropriate when I thought about a box that McGee likes to riffle through, grab a section and run off to swallow.  It had a lot of orphan blocks.

I chose a couple that were lighter in color, added sides to make a strip and sewed it into the middle of the backing.  Love it!

I am so smart!

I will set it up in the frame tomorrow and decide how to ruin it with quilting.........


  1. Well, I am sorry I missed this. Love the back with its strip!

  2. It would be fun to put names on the books. Can embroider alphabets?

  3. Hi - I just found your blog - I raise Bernese and currenlty have a small litter almost ready to go home. I have several quilts that are current WIP's as I am a new-ish quilter, a horrible techie and struggling to figure out how to create and maintain a blog!!
    Love your swissy - smiling and happy!! I happy to have found you - a quilter, baker and lover of great big swiss dogs :)


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