Sunday, February 1, 2015

Didja Miss Me?

You probably didn't really miss me since I had the posts scheduled to run each day, but I have been at a Quilt Retreat in the piney hills of mid-Louisiana just a tad below the Mississippi borderline.  We were just north of Jackson LA.  There was lots of sewing, lots of eating, even walking a mile every day on the trails in the woods.  It really is a great place to get a lot of work done!

 I made a pink asterisk for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Renee
said it looked like Gumby, so this might just have to be my rainbow Gumby Quilt.  Maybe next month the color will be GREEN!  LOL  Remember Gumby and Pokey?  Yes, I am that old!

I finished this panel with some fabric from my mom's stash and a complimentary print I found on sale at one of the shop closings.

This is the son of the couple who runs the retreat center.  At 8, this is his 4th quilt.  He  became fascinated with quilts by seeing the guild retreats as he helped his parents with chores. 

These coasters were our group project on Saturday afternoon.  the foot of your wine glass fits  right in there

One of our walks took us over this wonderful covered bridge.

 And over this little creek.
   Here is the quilt kid with his dad riding horses.  They are a working farm family.

Joni and her Bonnie Hunter  Mystery Grand Illusions.

 Another walk on another trail took us through the pasture with this guy.

Charlene and her scraps just go together!

These  two just got back from a Quilt Cruise where they made these very Caribbean Quilts!

Barbara finished this table runner.

This was a group quilt we made for the manager of the last retreat house.  We changed venues last year and no longer go to that one.

Here is the Devil's Lense I have been working on.  I had a problem with all the seams coming together in the center.  My machine would not sew through the thickness.  So I changed it up a bit by putting a small strip of black as a sashing.  I need to see if I can find more black Dimples to put the blocks together.

Caroline was working on pink.

Here is another pink quilt someone was working on.

I got some pink foxes done for the rainbow scrap challenge.  A couple more later will be added.  I would never have thought pink and blue foxes would be a good thing.  But I LOVE them.

 This was the most spectacular quilt of the whole weekend.  She started this in the Karen Stone class  we had earlier in 2014.

Margie finished a BQ quilt.  I have this pattern.  It is fabulous for a large print you don't want to cut up.

Renee put this modern beauty together.  I love the greys with that splash of green circle fabric.

Another walk about the place.  Lots of trails, this was to the horse camp and fire circle.

Joni's greys!  Love love love this one

Debbie's Judy Neimeyer Cattails quilt.  Heavy hitting paperpiecing!  Yeah, baby.

Cynthia finished this cross stitch MacDonald's farm quilt.  So fabulous!

Lenni's  incredible jewel brights!


  1. wowie! So much stimulation! Cows....

  2. all I can say is wow! Just wow! So many wonderful quilts and projects going on. So glad it all went so well . Cows and covered bridges? Sounds like Vermont but without the snow.

  3. It looks like everyone got a lot done and had a great time!

  4. That must have been a fabulous retreat. Don't you love that quiet farm life? I get to live it everyday....lucky me! Yesterday I went walking for some fresh air and played with a goat kid who is just hilarious.
    Y'all surely were productive. Did you have a class while there or did everyone just work on their own projects?


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