Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Finding My Name in the Mandala

Here is how to find my name.  And the funny story about how engineers aren't always the smartest people just because they have calculators.

I told Frank that I wanted to create a circle with 8 slices like pie wedges.  I asked him what the degrees would be on that angle.  I thought I would divide 360 by 8 but not sure that it would give me what I wanted.  I have 3 college degrees, none of which are in math.  And what math I did have was strictly to do statistics with for the research component of the final degrees.

His eyes lit up, and he dug out a calculator and set to calculating.

Time passes, time passes, time passes.

As I was free motion stitching the colors down, Frank bounces into my quilting room and announces that the angle is 22.8 degrees. 

Now I have all kinds of ideas of what to do next!  I just can't stop looking at it! 


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