Friday, February 13, 2015

UFO Turned Into a Cool Quilt

It is not Valentine Red!  A quilt unveiled on Valentines Day should be red!

Here is another quilt for the 6 boys.  They range in ages from 12 to 6.  Did I tell you they moved the wedding from July 3 to April 4? No sweat!

This one is an interesting piece.  I was in a group that pulled scraps together and made fabric.  We each named a block or style and the group made blocks.  When it was my turn I asked for a warm square and a cool square.

For a while I had a top with all the blocks put together.  Then one day I decided to slash them up and add some black strips.  And I slashed that up and rearranged some of the colors.  It sat in my UFO pile for a few years.

Before I decided to do quilts for all the boys, I was thinking of taking the top and slashing once again.  I was thinking in terms of a stained glass window with little odd shaped squares and black lead strips.

Now it has turned into this. Another piece of my mother's stash completes the top.  I will have enough for the back as well, or close to it.

It is 54 x 54, another square quilt and we all know how much I hate those square quilts.

And I have enough of the colors for one, and maybe two, more quilts!


  1. I love how the military green calms and unifies the piece. And how you've created blocks from scraps: I'm working on creating from my scrap bags, rather than solely relying on my stash!

  2. I've done this, too. My idea was to use up all the orphan blocks that I've made. I'm not completely there, but boy I made a huge dent. Of course, I'm also creating orphan blocks! How does that happen? Your colors are perfect for a boy. It has a camo feel to it without being all-out camo! I think it's the combination of the touches of black and the green. One of your boys is going to really like it!

  3. So you lost 3 months! I am losing track - how many more do you need to get done by April 4th?


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