Monday, April 27, 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.......

My deck!  Branches down every
 Only it wasn't night.

Mid morning the storm hit.  It was so so dark, like midnight, as they say.  The street lights were on.  As I walked through the house, you could feel the low pressure of the storm system.  It is always eery during these storms.  We didn't lose electricity but it did flicker like we would.  We are so used to conditions during a hurricane. This looked and felt just like a hurricane!  My guess is that we had at least 70 mph straight line winds in this system.

The trees where whipping wildly.  The robocall from the city came, I think I have only gotten two others in the last 5 years.

Before it hit, I called Carrie.  We usually have to deal with poor Hugeaux, he is terrified during storms.  I did not have enough time to get to him safely.  He was on his own.

This branch is from another tree!
The storm was just beginning in Port Allen, just across the river from downtown Baton Rouge, and Carrie said they were at a customer's in Port Allen and had just lost power.  Frank waited for the rain do die down, he had to be in Port Allen at one of the plants for an 11 AM meeting.  He just said the Mississippi River B ridge appeared to be closed.  I show you that bridge from time to time when we talk about the Old Man River.
Branches in the yard

The nursing home my mom is in just called and said they are fine, no power loss and no damage. 

My patio debris
Luckily this storm was moving at 65 mpg and would get through the area quickly.  The news just announced that tornadoes were seen in Covington and Belle Chasse, south of New Orleans.  I have friends and family in Covington and one of Frank's offices is in Belle Chasse.  He is often there.  thank goodness he was heading to Port Allen today!

branches on my deck
It is currently hitting New Orleans.  The newscasters are funny as they try to pronounce the names of the cities.  the most common mistake is the Parish of Plaquemines is not pronounced with the S.  It drives us crazy when they use the S on that parish!

I just began to hear the birds again.  There is a squirrel nest down that makes DiNozzo ecstatic! I can't even lure him in with the promise of treats!

Let me start getting some of the branches up and check the fenceline for escape routes.

Glad there was not a lot of building damage.  It is so calm now.  Odd, this calmness after the energy of the storm.   But I'll take it!


  1. glad you are safe, hope all of your loved ones are , i am in Ga so i guess it headed this way

  2. I'm glad all is well. We had big storms blow through Friday. Luckily they lost steam when they got here. Hugs to all!

  3. omg, thank goodness your stash wasn't affected, I mean, thank goodness you're all safe! JK
    We had the weird wind storm blow thru here two years ago and it left a path of destruction. Glad you escaped and still have power.

  4. Scary stuff - poor grand dog he must have scared and shaking. Glad you were both home and not out driving - and yes thank God your stash is ok ;-)

  5. What a storm! Glad it went thru quickly! Here it is just cold and rainy although today we are finally getting a bit of sunshine.


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