Thursday, April 16, 2015

Opening Up Space on a Wall

When I had lunch with Paula yesterday she asked if we had a desk we didn't want.  In fact I do!  I used the desk when i had the other computer before I b ought the laptop that I now hate.  The only thing on the desk that actually belonged there was the printer, so I cleared everything else out.  Mostly the stuff went into the trash or recycle bin.

That is how important it was.  Old stuff and envelopes.  Oh my, so many envelopes!  Why did I keep them?  I have no idea.  I really do hate to toss stuff out.  Anybody?  Do you have your stuff you just can't toss?

I set about thinking how I could rearrange my room and continue the cleaning and clearing.

I came upon a plan.  I decided to remove a shelf and move he bookcase over to that wall.  See the cut out in the design wall?  The shelf on the right was in that space.

But I couldn't budge it by myself.  I have to suck it up and wait for Frank to help.  It will shorten my design wall by a few inches. 

Well, Mr. Muscles came home.  He was like, look, I can move it with one hand!

Here is the shelf in place.  At the moment it is slightly behind the door so that the door does not open all the way.  It upsets Frank tremendously.  Me, not so much.  But I still can move it over and allow the door to shut.  I can decide that later. 

Of course, everything that was in front of the shelf is now in front of the closet.  And the closet is no longer usable.  For now.  Sigh........

We are having rain for the 4th day in a row.  My rain gauge read 2 1/2 inches yesterday.  I have not looked at it yet today, but so far we have only had some light rains.  Everything sure is green out there!

So green, so much yard work.........Look how everything is so overgrown.

Now I have to convince Mr. Muscles to become Mr. BBQ


  1. Yes I'm terrible about throwing things away. I have been working on a room a day for over a week now and things are really starting to shape up. Been dropping of lots at the charity shop with more to go.

    Did you get my email about the stash box giveaway?

  2. I am a total pack rat / hoarder especially when I see free stuff that I might just use for something. But then will also get into a can't stand the clutter and start chucking stuff. It's hard to keep a balance.

  3. That is a great start! Although with the cleaning up I have been doing I have now misplaced two items, one I really need to find, but I cannot remember where I put it! You know what I will be doing this weekend - spending a ridiculous amount of time looking for the item I need to find - my brother's checkbook!


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