Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quilt Related Post - WOW! Stash Report and Saints Quilt

Make sure you go back a few posts and see the photos and information from Colorado.  Dinosaurs, trains and coyotes, oh my!

lately I have been posting about neither Quilts nor Dogs.  Well, I did show you the Quilt Museum in Golden.  What did you think about that?

But here is a quilt related post.  I have purchased fabric!

It has a purpose and it will be used to its extinction.  that is the way is is supposed to be!

This month's rainbow challenge color is purple.   Yesterday I cut out some fox faces but haven't put them together yet.  I need an asterisk from last month and this month.  And I have added some swans and fish.   They are amazing.  And Leeanne from Not Afraid of Color is doing cows and teapots with cups and saucers.  OH do I want those too!

New Orleans Saints Quilt

I ordered 6 yards from the Quilted Owl in New Orleans.  I figured if anyone would have Saints fabric, they would.  And they did.

Look at these beauties.  I need a gold solid, which I have.  And maybe a black for binding, which I also have.  I think I still have some tiger fabric and some football fabric left over from Matt's Quilt.  Not much of either but maybe enough for at least one block each.

Darned computer, my *i* is sticking today.  Do you know how many i's are in my paragraphs?

Used this week 0 Used this month 0 Used this year -52
Bought this week 6 Bought this month 6 Bought this year 34
Plus or minus 6 Plus or minus 6 Plus or minus -18


  1. Cant wait to see how the Saints Quilt turns out! ~Melanie

  2. I miss stories about McGee eating all your stuff - is he a changed dog now? An angel? A pillar of the dog community? Such a good boy :-) I need my Bassets fix

  3. Http:// stash box drawing...


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