Monday, April 20, 2015

The CAAWS T-shirts Come Together

It is slow coming together.....slowly.

I took the actual blocks and put them on the design wall.  I auditioned several backgrounds, the red ones made the blocks stand out.  I settled on the print here, it is actually recycled from the Purple Cow.

I found it in the bedding section.  The $4 package was two bedskirts that had huge amounts of flouncy ruffles!  There must have been 15 yards of material in there!

I am working on the word WOOF for one side.  Will either do another WOOF or try a CAAWS for the other side. 

Oh and I do have enough for two quilts.  One will become a Raffle Quilt.  And more in the box that are not backed yet.  I think I stopped at this point before because I did not have any more of the backing.  This may be a bad thing, because  I was talking to someone recently who said there is a new thing out that is being used instead of French Fuse.  It was already difficult to find.

I had to stop and deal with the phone.  When Frank got home, his phone rang with one of his customers, and my phone and iPad rang as well.  So it took a call to Apple, a trip to AT&T, another call to Apple, a trip to the (Hated) Apple Store, and ANOTHER call to Apple before it was fixed.

At least we think it is fixed.  Somebody call me.

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