Monday, June 1, 2015

Modern Quilts and a French Press

We have a meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild tonight.  I met with Rene this afternoon and exchanged boxes for the Modern Robin with her.  She  is the first person to see my new bathroom in person!

When we were at CC's Coffee House last night,  I found the French Press Coffee Maker I have been searching for.

(Now my computer is not typing e's.)

I was SOOOO excited to find it.  I wanted the 12 oz rather than the 24 oz so I can have just one cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Frank wanted to know what the difference was from my Cappuccino machine know,  just different.

(Do you have any idea how many e's are in normal conversation?)

Besides.......the tag on the top beckoned to me and mad me buy it!

And if you are Russian or Japanese there are instructions just for you!


  1. I love my French press! And you are so smart to get a small one since it tends to get cold. But there is something about being able to take the press with you to your morning chair and pouring it out when it's brewed. Sort of like a teapot comfy feeling

  2. If you like iced coffee, a French Press is also great for making cold-brewed coffee. I just pulled mine out of the back of the cabinet because it's almost iced coffee time here ;-)

  3. It sure is cute! You know I don't drink coffee, but I appreciate the design.


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