Friday, November 6, 2015

New AC/Heating Unit and Some Fleur de Lis

Booker Mechanical - Call them!
Gotta love me some  AC Guys!  I must have 20 quilts in the den, draped over every imaginable surface, and not a one in this picture!  Go figure.
They have worked furiously since 5:30 am.....yes they got here early!  They finished up about noon-ish.  They tested everything and it all works.  Franks wrested the temp gun from my fingers and has been walking around shooting temps and it is considerably cooler coming out of the vents.  Like nearly 20 degrees cooler.  (Did I say I was right?)

I took the opportunity to put the Saints Quilt on the frame.  I printed out 16 Fleur de Lis and quilted 4 of them into the center of the topmost 4 blocks.  I was not happy with the way they got lost in the pattern.  I was thinking the gold variegated thread would have stood out more.  So I did some swirly things in the interior of the fleurs.
And I am deciding what to do with the rest.  I can do a stipple meander in black.  Or add more fleurs set overlapping the blocks.

I am not sure if I really love it yet, I think it will turn out well in the long run.  And the fleur de lis are very easy to quilt....... once you get past that first one!  LOL.  My advice is to have a plan BEFORE you put the needle down!


  1. I'm loving this one! I wish I had known you needed some fleur de lis shapes. I have a studio die with three different designs for each section of the fleur de lis. That means nine different combinations. Or, if I want I can cut out just one of each section. Whatever. I've discovered that it's easier and more fun to play with lots of different shapes. Let me know if you need more. I'll gladly cut them and send them along. In the meantime, enjoy all this fun! (Here's an old post with info on the dies.

  2. I love fleur de lis. I am sure they look great on your quilt.

  3. We have a fleur de lis die for the Go is you need some cut. Just call and we will get together to cut.


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