Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow Dyeing

In Louisiana?

Well, how about this.  Ice Dyeing.

Here is what I did.

 This was 1 cent (yes as in a penny) at the Dollar store.  I knew it was perfect for letting the water drip through to the grass as the ice melted.  They dyes don't hurt the grass. Or mine would have died a long time ago.
 The reason I did an ice dye in the first place was because the ice maker was refusing to disseminate ice.  As you can see it is quite frozen in what seems to be an ice jam. 

It needed to be bested. 

And taught a lesson.

So here is my set up.  The tray first.  Then the fabric all bunched up after being soaked with soda for about 20 minutes.    then the ice.  then the dye powder.

Use a mask and gloves, or you will die and turn read.

I actually used a blue and a red Procion fiber reactive dye.

Here is a close up.....for some reason.  Here is is mid-November and we still have nice green grass. 

I batched the fabric in a zip lock bag for about 24 hours.  It is now washing in the washing machine.


  1. I have been lucky not to get any snow this weekend. I have never tried snow dyeing. I am looking forward to seeing what yours looks like.

  2. It looks like someone committed murder on your front yard!

  3. It does look alittle bloody. I thought you were on a cruise


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