Wednesday, December 30, 2015

And Its Only 9:30......AM

This is from yesterday..........

What a lousy day.  Carrie had a Sesame Street book called Grover's Bad Awful Day, and I think I am having one.

For Christmas, Frank gave me the full, most expensive detail for my 2006 CRV from Benny's Car Wash.  He told me I could get a new vehicle, but actually my CRV is fine.  It just needed to get rid of the last 10 years of dog hair.  I'd be willing to bet I still had some Swissy hair in there.

We brought it in Monday morning and I got the call to get it at about 2 pm.  Wow!  5 hours of intensive beauty makeover.  When I lifted up the floor mat, dirt.  The very back space still had leaves from my oak tree.  When I looked at the side, the splashes of road grime were still there.  The shift supervisor said, leave it and I will have it redone.

When we got there this morning and looked at it.  Still the same dirt and leaves.  I was bummed.  Another day without my wheels.   What happens if I have a fabric emergency?

Aughhhh!  I have no problem paying top dollar, but I want top service in exchange.  This was not.

Then when Frank dropped me off at home, Frank drove off to meet customers and I walk inside.  The alarm has malfunctioned.  Not bringing-the-police malfunction, but just not-doing-right malfunction.  So it was a bit eery walking into the house, even though I knew there was nothing wrong because Chloe was perfectly normal.

I go to make a cup of coffee and look out the window to see DiNozzo with a squirrel hanging out of his mouth....on the back porch.

OMG!  He finally caught a squirrel.  His life's mission ----  mark it accomplished.  And of course, like the rest of my life when stuff happens, no Frank.

I knew I had to get it from him.  (So I went to the bathroom first just to steel myself.)  I walked toward him and he moved out into the yard.  Further and further back he went until we were at the back fence.  I asked him to drop it, and miraclosly he did! 

After DiNozzo dropped the squirrel I realized it was which was mostly dead at this point.  The interesting thing was the other two dogs were up on the back patio  just sitting and watching.  Alert, but just watching from a distance.    No one came close to bother DiNozzo and his kill.

I wonder what Code of Dog that is.  Respect the kill, maybe.

I got the still barely alive creature over the fence where no one would bother him.  I don't think the squirrel doctors could help him.  I felt awful.  DiNozzo was soaring proud.  

The dogs kept wanting to go outside, and scope the squirrel out again.   Do you remember the last squirrel episode?  The Big Fight?  Frank getting hurt? I brought each boy out individually on leashes, but I let Chloe go unfettered.  She immediately finds the squirrel over the fence, stakes her claim and starts digging out.  I rush the unwilling boys  inside, run back out to stop her from finishing her hole.  bassets are might diggers, those little short front legs are pretty much suited to digging out.

I spent the rest of the day taking dogs who SWORE to me they had to pee out on a leash.

Oh, yeah, when I finally got the squirrel over the back fence and out of the yard, Frank finally returns one of the 15 frantic phone calls I made to him.

Whew.........and it was only 9:30 AM.


  1. Poor squirrel! Great DiNozzo! I knew he could do it but probably the squirrel made a misstep in the tree and fell at his feet. Now if Leeapaul and Lilly could catch one better yet Lucy and Ama. The squirrel here are bigger than Leeapaul to begin with. Have a great New Years Day!

  2. I hope the rest of the day went better. Craziness at your house! Sounds like some retraining needs to happen at the detailers! Happy New Year!

  3. Hope the detail on your car gets worked out - I get SO frustrated with service providers who don't do as they are supposed to.

  4. Oh was the rest of your day!?


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