Friday, December 11, 2015

CAAWS Party down, maybe I can breathe now!

Things are so hot and heavy and coming at me like a speeding train!

I got in on Sunday late and Monday morning I was preparing for the Modern Guild Party. We met for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants to exchange a stack of 6 Modern Fat Quarter groupies.

I was so  happy to get a set of Stephanie Brandenburg's Plaster of Paris, which I jealously guarded in case someone decided to steal.   But there were so many fabulous groupies of 6 that they left me alone.  I was so very happy.

Because NOW I have the ones from last year that will mix with the ones from this year in a quilt I imagine will be a bright happy piece.   Can you see it?

Remember the 5 boys quilts for Colorado?  Well, Jason was on TV for his woodworking. 

Then I spent the next three days preparing for the Annual CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party where the board puts on a huge party for the donors, volunteers, and members who have helped up during the years.  I had to deliver an End of the Year Message and make sure I thanked everyone.  Not an easy task, I inevitably leave someone out somewhere.  This year, I thanked them all for doing what we do, in an interesting poem. 

The 2015 Community Partner Award went to Raising Canes Chicken Fingers for their 16 years of support of our Spay/Neuter Programs and the Krewe of Mutts Parade. 

Hilton Cole, the head of East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control spent a lot of time talking about

the early beginnings of CAAWS 35 years ago.  Here are Hilton and my Newsletter Editor Libby Haydell.  He talked about our first President Jannie Heinmiller working out of a rusty horse trailer she pulled behind her truck.  A Budweiser box served as her records box. 
In the early days, CAAWS did

 cruelty investigations.  Now we are legally prohibited from doing them.  Enforcement is done by Hilton's group.

CAAWS 2016 Board
This morning I got up early and tried my best to straighten up my really neglected (and dusty) house since Cynthia is coming over to use the long arm.



  1. So glad to hear so many people care about the animals in need. Warms my heart:-)

  2. Goodness you have been busy since you returned. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!


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