Thursday, December 24, 2015

How We Light the Way For Papa Noel in Cajun Country

My Brother and Sister-in-law sent me (and Frank if he is lucky enough to fight me off) some chocolate covered strawberries for Christmas.  Oh, my.........

Bonfires for Papa Noel

 If you want to see how we Cajuns celebrate on Christmas eve, take a look at the video.  It  shows the bonfires that are built along the Mississippi River Levee to guide Papa Noel to our houses.

The building of these structures happens from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.  Now we have to get a permit for them since some idiots tried to climb one and got killed a few years ago. When we first got DiNozzo, we took the dogs on the annual outing to the River Parishes to see the bonfires.  We found out he gets carsick...........

It is a spectacular thing to see the sky lit up all down the levee.  Keep watching to the end where they show you about 12 of them in a row.

Here is our Christmas Photo with Santa CAAWS this year.  They got the dog order  wrong, it should be:

DiNozzo, McGee and Chloe the Smelly Basset!

Our wish for you and your family is that you have been good enough to get plenty of gifts from Papa Noel as he flies by with his Gators pulling his pirogue!


  1. oh I miss the bonfires !!!!

  2. Wow!!!!! That is truly amazing and unique! What a party. If I lived around there when I was younger I would be right there with my party hat on. Thank you for sharing the video. And I love you Christmas photo. Merry Christmas!


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