Thursday, January 28, 2016

Millefiore - Rosette 1 beginning

You saw the beginning pieces and now I have completed the center and the first round of hexagons of Rosette 1.

True to my nature, I finished all 6 of the second round hexies.  After a good look at them, I noticed a BIG problem!  Luckily it was only one upside down block.

 But it was not until AFTER I took the sample photos, of course.

So ignore that please.

Option 2

Option 1
Here are the two possibilities.  Which one do you like better?  I go back and forth.

And now all I have to do is to keep McGee from eating them.....

Oh, and you will also be interested to know, on the Doily Quilt, I sewed down the doilies using a free motion on my domestic head so I can put it on the long arm and not catch the hopping foot.  And I also managed to sew a corner of the quilt into one of the doilies........

but of course!


  1. I didn't realize the umbrella girls were just for the center. Those blocks have a lot of pieces in them! As far as the arrangement - I like them both. I guess I all depends on that the other blocks looks like.

  2. Great hexies. I have to go with option 1. To me it looks like lace around the edges.


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