Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Really, It IS My Birthday Week After All

The rule is, I have a Birthday Week.  Anyone who has a birthday this close to Christmas where it gets mixed up with too much Christmas and not enough birthday can claim the ENTIRE week as your  Birthday Week.

So this is my Birthday Week.

Frank called this morning as he was getting to Toca (click to see where it is) and wished me a Happy Birthday Week.  But he didn't always buy into this idea.  I have slowly brought him around to understand the importance of the event.

Even on MY Birthday Week, I am thinking of HIS birthday.  (Shh.....I bought  a  quilt kit that has 37 types of birds on a center panel for him for his birthday!) And I saw what I think I am going to get for Carrie for HER birthday just this morning! 

My parents didn't buy into it either.  And my poor brother, oye, his birthday was last Friday!  My birthday week always started the day after his birthday.  I didn't want to steal any of his time to be special.

Carrie rarely thought my Birthday Week had merit, but this year she seems to have perked her ears up a bit.  When I texted her yesterday and announced it was my Birthday Week, she texted back saying she was available for lunch on Wed.  Nice!  She is FINALLY getting it!

And several friends have stepped up to join in the BW Festivities.

Today I bought Jameson and Guinness.  I am planning on some Guinness Shakes this weekend at my Birthday Fest!  Oh, yes, I need to make some ice cream for the shakes!

The Guinness Shakes are just amazing......... Birthday Week Rules!


  1. A birthday week is the only way to go! Enjoy and Happy Birthday and wishing you all the best in the New Year.

  2. Happy Birthday Week! My mom had one too. The government said her birthday was June 10th but 65 years she celebrated June 18th as her birthday. For the last 10 years of her life, she made it a big birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Week! One of my sisters-in-law went even further with her birthday celebration time when she was turning 40. She declare the 30 days before and the 30 days after to be birthday celebration time! Have a wonderful Birthday Week!

  4. so the millefiori came in time to celebrate your week. I agree, a birthday isn't enough, one needs a week! Glad you were born

  5. Awesome! So sweet! Happy Birthday Week. If I were in town visiting family I would treat you to lunch too! Enjoy each day of your week!


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