Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report and Millefiore Madness

Burning, burning with Millefiore Fever, it is a madness that makes one sick for days, weeks; nay for months and months.  I am burning with a fire in my center that can be quelled only with the push of that button that says Place The Order.

So I did, I pushed it with my fevered finger.  And the ague lessened.  But it wasn't until I had gone past the book and into the paperpiecing venue that held the incredible set of bits and pieces of paper heaven, that it finally left my body; panting and breathing deeply before my computer screen of dreams.

I now own the book and the 12 packages of paper pieces that correspond to the 12 rosettes necessary to assemble this beauty.  And the fever subsides.

And Frank has the answer to his main problem, "what the devil do I get you for your birthday?"

I broke the news to him when he got in from the parade meeting this afternoon.  He was thrilled.  Now he just has to worry about where to get me lobster for dinner.

It is as it should be.   Now to wait for the postman. 

Used this week -0.50 Used this month -0.50 Used this year -0.50
Bought this week 20.00 Bought this month 20.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus 19.50 Plus or minus 19.50 Plus or minus 19.50


  1. I found an upside to your stash report: it was easy to do the math! So happy for you that Frank knows what you really want for your birthday and made arrangements for ordering. He's got a fabulous secretary!
    As for your ague, I have bad news. It sounds like one of those diseases that returns on occasion. Apparently it lives in your system and reactivates occasionally. Quilting catalogs, online shopping and sweet little quilt shops are all triggers.

  2. Hats off to all the do English paper piecing! I have no desire at all to go down that path, but the Millefiroe book looks so intriguing!

  3. Haha I had the fever too, but mine occurred at a quilt shop in Arkansas during a Shop Hop. The fever quickly subsided as the clerk placed the book in a bag and handed me the bag. I was much better and able to finish the shop hop.

  4. We're in this together. Drew got me the first pack for Christmas and I am chomping at the bit to start but don't know where. This is such an explosion of color! Do we try to organize it or let it grow willy nilly? Squee!LeeAnna


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