Monday, February 29, 2016

A Great Day So Far

I got the binding put on on the QR Codes Quilt.  I am pretty much sure it will belong to Caitlynne.  I am already thinking of it as her quilt.  I still have to sew it down, but it can move upward one notch in the line up.

And I am putting the Stained Glass Quilt on the frame this afternoon.

It really looks like a stained glass window with the sunlight behind it.

You can see it here in 2012 looking like just blocks randomly placed on the design wall.  But there about 5 different blocks and they all have a specific place in the plan.  

I wasn't sure I had enough time to get it all on my frame before my lunch with Tracy. We had Indian food so spicy that we kept asking for more napkins and Naan!  Now I still feel the heat in my body. 

She has been on the road for so long, I have missed her at all my fiber and quilt meetings.   Eight months!  Wow!  I really HAVE missed her!


  1. Love that stained glass quilt! the colors look great together. Batiks really are just right for getting that sunlight through glass look. It will look great when you've finished it all up. Spicy Indian food? I'd be fighting the heat for days! But I bet it was delicious.

  2. The stained glass quilt is beautiful! You are making progress everyday and soon those finishes will be piling up!

  3. I love it. The colors are great together!


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