Monday, February 15, 2016

Rosette 1 and Losing Dr. Gorgeous

Aughhhhhhh!   I found out that Dr. Gorgeous is closing his practice and leaving!  Not sure of all the details just yet,  But I do know his dream of having an Orthopedic Suite at the new Woman's Hospital is not coming true.  

In Louisiana, we have a different system than any other state.  We have a system of Charity Hospitals throughout the state that serve the poor.  Katrina devastated the Charity Complex in New Orleans we called Big Charity (since it was the head of the system).  Gustav severely damaged the complex here in Baton Rouge two years later.  After recent changes in the Medicaid system, the state made the decision to close the Charity System and combine it into the largest hospital here in Baton Rouge, Our Lady of the Lake.  Since then, the OLOL system has had a drastic decline in safety, service and their infection rate has skyrocketed. Cigna has told us they would prefer that we use another hospital even though they still have a contract open with OLOL. 

As the staff doctor's contracts run out, they are finding other places to bring their paying patients.  Dr. Gorgeous started out at OLOL.  He made the decision to not work there when he moved to Woman's.   Now I don't know where he will end up.  I am thinking it won't be  here in Baton Rouge.

The center and two rounds of Rosette 1 from the Millefiore quilt are done.  I need to put them together so I can start the third and final round on this Rosette.  there are 12 Rosettes in toto, but they are not as large as this one since they are partial rounds.   

I  am thinking I made value of the diamond's pieces too similar.   But  it is not being changed.  It doesn't look so dark in person and I will make the next round more contrast-y.

Realizing it really doesn't matter which way I end up putting them together, I thought I would show you some of the possibilities and let you see what you liked best.

Option 1 - sets the center apart

Option 2 - accents the center in a star pattern

Option 3 - darker than the others since the diamonds seem to close into the center


  1. I like the second many layout out decisions and that's after you've made fabric decisions....YIKES!!

  2. I like them all but the second is my favorite, too. The star pattern seems more pronounced. Looks like lots of pieces for the blocks.

  3. I like option one with two as the runner up. these are like a kaliedasope - very cool

  4. Option 2 with 1 as my second choice .... Sorry about dr gorgeous leaving.

  5. I like option 2 the best, but they are all stunning! It is a shame about Dr. G. How are you doing since your latest fall?


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