Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silent Prismacolor Pencil Case

Well, not a case, per se.  More of a Wrap.

We talked about the Zentangles before, or have we?  Anyway, I have gotten into the groove of doing some drawing after I get out of my bath at night.  It is meditative and restful to sit in my vibrating bed, raise up the head and do these drawings.

I try to get one done each night. Or at least practice a new technique each night.  There are always so many new techniques and drawings.

One thing I found was the noise was disruptive to Frank, who falls asleep within 5 seconds of getting in bed every night.  Noisy?  Yes, I keep the pencils in a Christmas tin.  Rattling them around trying to find the red pencil or the eraser was pretty noisy.

So today I made a Silent Pencil Wrap.  There are a lot of tutorials all over the web, but this is how i did mine.

I took two fat quarters, made sure they complimented each other in color, and added some really thin soft batting.  I layered batting, then #1 fat quarter face up, then #2 fat quarter face down.

I sewed all around the edges, leaving about 4 inches open to turn it inside out.

I trimmed the batting close to the seam.

I turned it inside out.  Top stitched one of the long edges.  This will become the bottom edge.

I turned up the bottom edge about 5 inches.  Remember, this is the long side of the fat quarters.  This is where I added the ribbon I forgot to add earlier when I did the first seam!  The ribbon just goes on one side, either side.  It worked out just fine.  Fold the ribbon in half and put the fold just inside the seam.  The ends of the ribbon will float about freely until needed.  Just be careful not to sew then into a seam or two.

Sew a top stitch up the short side, across the top and down the other side.

Now gather the stuff you want to wrap up in this thing.  These will determine how wide you will sew the pockets.  I had a ruler and a lot of pencils and inking pens.  Sew these pockets.

And you are done!  Fill it with your stuff.

Of course, McGee came over and claimed it while I was photographing it.


  1. I love the zentangles that you're doing and especially the one with the face. Amazing how you can also just whip out a handmade pencil case! Love how it came out.

  2. Show us more drawings! You are good at this - is that you looking at Frank snoring? lol!

  3. You are good at drawing! I write that like I'm surprised, but really I'm not. You're so talented that nothing creative should surprise us. Jealous, a little; surprised, not really. I'll bet Frank appreciates the silent part of the case. One of the things that I especially like about the case is that it rolls up into a small bundle. Real estate is expensive on my night stand, and this case has a small footprint-that would be important.

  4. Excellent way to solve the problem! I did a lazier version years ago to store my knitting needles. I bought a placemat, added some clear vinyl, divided it into pockets, and added ribbon ties. your drawing are very good! Did you Zentangle that rock too? What did you use - a sharpie? I now want to go and Zentangle a rock!


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