Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My New Banner Photo

I decided to collage the new banner.  And lo! it worked!

I say that because a lot of what is in my head doesn't translate to reality, you know how that goes.

The large quilt on the left side with the BLUE ribbon hanging on it is a pattern from Flavin Glover.  She does the most wonderful log cabin quilts.  But these are not your momma's log cabins!

Check out her work here:   Flavin Glover

I did my RowHouses for a River City Guild Challenge where we had to make a quilt with a log cabin, a bird and with a green somewhere.  My green is a grey green, the bird is the weather vane and the log cabins are 3 inches.

The Mandala is my name.  You have to look hard to see it, but it is one of the rays of the circle that is repeated 8 times around.  It says Glen. 

The Basset Boyz there are DiNozzo and McGee. Yes, NCIS because they are super sleuths and sniff out stuff they should not be involved with.   I love that photo because of the way McGee's ears are swinging!  He is more correct in size than DiNozzo who seems to be a bit over the height or a normal basset boy.  I keep them lean to avoid back problems.  I keep them muscled to impress my vet.  McGee looks like Arnold Schwartznegger in his prime!

The dog on the bottom is my beloved Bonnie Doon.  She is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog or Swissy.  Hence my name QuiltSwissy.  I lost my last one the year I got DiNozzo.  Bonnie Doon and Pepsi were famous across the US in the Swissy World.  I so miss my Swissys!

And the Elephant is a block from my Best In Show Quilt, my claim to Quilting Fame.  The blocks were embroidered in Sri Lanka and sold through a broker in New York.  I put them together with a paper pieced border and it was beautifully quilted by Charlene Harp.  She is amazing.

So that is the banner.  I plan on changing the photos out every so often.  I love the format because it is so versatile and showcases more than one photo.  AND is a better physical fit in the space.



  1. Great banner! It says a lot about you in one fell swoop.

  2. I like it, and good on you to figure out how to do it!
    I can't remember how I did the first and only one!

  3. I am lucky I can even change my banner much less get 5 picture in it! Good job!


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