Sunday, March 6, 2016

Single Photos of the Rustings

Is this better?  (I thought the collages were cute, but hey, they want what they want!)

In other news:  I came across a method to MAKE rust on things that are not rusty yet.  I sacrificed a brownie pan.  Who needs the calories.  

The squares each are 22 by 22 from dupioni silk that was a light ecru, barely off white color.  The hand of the pieces is still very soft.  One would think that rust might be stiff.   But it is not.

Dupioni is a plain weave ilk made by using a find thread in the warp and an uneven thread on the weft.  The uneven thread is often two tangled cocoons.  This creates a luster to the surface interspersed with slubs.  I love the slubs. 

This is the chain.  It was very heavy and the links were more than half the width of my palm.

I was hoping to have more of a chain effect, but there are several places that came across.  It actually looks like a giraffe body.

This is the bucket.  It look just  like the bucket, too. 

 I showed it to the crane guy's son and he was fascinated with the process and the result.  I said several times that I always look for rusty things, but I don't think it registered with  him that I WANTED rusty things.

I am going to link this post to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday, even though it is Sunday......I know, I know.  


  1. Yes! The tootsie roll looking one even has shading and everything. Bravo my friend! You hit the lottery on this one.


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