Friday, April 8, 2016

Secret Life of Sewing Machines Prt 2

Shows .a lot of early sewing machines from Europe, lots of description on how they worked.

Fascinating.  24 children?  talks about the evolution of Singer.


  1. that was really interesting, thanks

  2. what a find! Amazing. I have such an appreciation for my machine. I have an older Singer with cams... wondered why they were necessary. That's the machine I learned and sewed on until 5 years after marrying. LEeAnna

  3. That 24 kids and them sending him out of the country to live got me

  4. I have a hand-crank and a treadle and love them. I'd love one of the older ones that are funny shaped--it was on the video, so I doubt that I can afford one, but it would be nice! Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed the video.


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