Monday, May 16, 2016

Dancing Wth the Crawfish

I trimmed Mary Elizabeth's Graduation Quilt and decided upon a binding fabric.  Since it was something from my mother's stash I decided to wash it, suspecting it is not 100% cotton.  It has a beautiful sheen to it so I'm thinking it might have a poly or rayon addition.  Then again it may well be just a well polished cotton.

I guess I could just burn it and see.  It is already spinning in the washing machine, maybe later.

There are two color possibilities, I will show them to you tomorrow, but I think I have already decided. 

And in other news:

I had some crawfish tonight.  Been dying for me some crawdads!  I gobbled down about 3 trays of them.

I ate this guy and about 10 lbs of his brethren.

Frank, who can't eat crawfish because they lead to gout, ate fried chicken and red beans with rice.  And a cornbread muffin.  They have the best fried chicken in the city!  Not that fried chicken/red beans/corn muffins are better for you if  you get gout, but it made him feel like he was eating better.

We had to rush home after three trays........because Dancing With the Stars is coming on!

Are you watching Lee Anna?


  1. Fried chicken has to be worse health wise than craw dads although you probably dunk them in melted butter, right? So a toss up. But you walk 45 miles a week so need your strength. Do you suck the heads? Eeeeeew!

  2. Glad you are making progress on Mary Elizabeth's quilt. Get 'er done! I have never had crawfish before - hey, I live in the north!

  3. They look so good! Gout or clogged arteries? I think Stelly would choose the gout and taking soda water and eating black cherries afterwards to help get rid of the build up. I know I would!

  4. yes I am!
    I cried big tears to see Wanya leave last night. I know the Boxer is good, but she does have dance training. And maybe the best choreographer there right now. Boy her dances were hot last night. I called in my votes for someone else tho.... isn't it funny how one takes a liking to one person over another on TV? LeeAnna


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