Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Bunny From the Looney Bin

I made one bunny.  Still need to contstruct the onther.  It needed concentration and I had to rip out a misplaced section once, so I knew I needed to concentrate.  I had serious weather issues, well, not me actually, but McGee.

The thunder and lightening boomed and flashed violently for 2 hours while the little dog alternated  between cowering in the laundry room and standing on my compter desk and knocking my iPad on to the floor.

Even DiNozzo was upset by the storm as well.  But he compensated for his manhood by wanting to go outside and standiing in the middle of the yard, in the pouring rain and looking upwards to the heavens,

Hence, I was tending to the looney bin instead of sewing bunnies.


  1. Put a different tail on that money and it would look like Di Nose looking up at the heavens

  2. Cute bunny! You can send those thunderstorms to me! We need rain bad! The forecast has changed since yesterday and it says we might get rain this Friday and maybe next week. Yesterday it was no rain until July 7th! It is very dry, but that is good in a way because the grass is not growing much. With my mower situation right now that is a good thing!

  3. Our three howl and bark and screech at the weather. We noticed that we can distinguish their voices when they bark. Is that common?

    One thing that is common is that one dog cannot bark alone. The very first sound must put everyone on high alert and commands them to gear up for battle.

    1. I got into the dog howling that I forgot about the bunny! It is cute and I like that you're adding a backdrop for each one. Can't wait to see the bunnies with details on them.


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