Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fabric From the Fabric Sale

OK, I remembered that you hadn't seen the fabulous $3 a yard fabric that arrived on Wednesday.  (So today my computer is not typing F's.)

I plan on using this as a background to some pieces that come from leftover parts and nuts. 

This marvelous grouping just looked like a baby quilt!  I am thinking if I choose the right pattern, Carrie might even like not.

I saw this as the background for an art quilt.  It looks like a print I would have liked to have made already made!  Win/win.  It is quite a large print, that tree block is 3 1/2 inches square.

 I couldn't resist the  chevrons.  they will be a fall back if Carrie hates the first quilt!  LOL. 

So after I got those photographed, I decided to put together some backs.  Here is a big back for my Modern Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  The quilt is a collaborative effort between 3 Louisiana guilds.  there were 12 of us and each one had an opportunity to add a block on every quilt.  I will have to dig up the whole of them for those who were not with me then.

The big problem with this backing is that light color fabric is b backwards and I had to rip and replace.


And I put a pink backing together for this one.  Frank's mother crocheted a million o these doilies.  When she died we found two closets full o them.  I brought a few home and made quilts for her sister Aunt Emma, her daughter Patsy and her daughter Stacy.  I sold some on the internet and gave some away at the various guilds.   This quilt will go to Kaitlin to have something of her great grandmother's. 

I also put the Kimono quilt on the long arm and started running some lines.  (LOL, sounds like a drug, huh?  LOL, well it could be!)

Avoiding sewing bindings......yea, buddy.


  1. I adore the greens! Nice additions to an already full room. Guess you had better start pulling fabric to gift me. LOL

  2. I was looking at the white fabric with the black circle print (top fabric in the second picture), but there was only 1 yard left. Now I know who bought the rest! LOL!! Lots of nice additions to the stash!

  3. what restraint! at $3 yard I might have bought LOTS more, heh heh and had to keep it at your house. LeeAnna


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