Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family "Ties"

My cousin Jason who got married last year (remember all those 5 boy quilts I made for the Colorado wedding?) is in town this week to celebrate our family news with us.  So we are excited to see him and his Carrie and however many boys they bring with them.

So exciting to see them again.  And his momma scored some crawfish!  I am amazed since the season is pretty much over. So I get more crawfish.  Maybe I will remember to take some pictures this time.

Wait till you see what I have been playing with!


Scraps too good to toss work beautifully here.

And I have an idea to use it.

See the corner of the table there?  That was courtesy of the Fabulous Bonnie Doon.  She hated square corners and went on to round every corner on everything we owned.

That plant in the picture is a succulent I thought was called staghorn, but I can't find it on the internet.  Hmmm.  More research.  Given to me by a dear friend who is no longer in this earthly plane.  As the "arms" break  off you just lay them on some sandy soil and they take root and grow and grow and grow.

And I am meeting with my renter to "talk" about binding.  LOL.  I think I can sway her with the money! 


  1. How did Bonnie Doon round corners of wood? I know she was fabulous but she knew how to run a sander? Now that is fabulous!

  2. I use to have a staghorn fern years ago. It was a cool plant. How did you make the rope? I can see where you could maybe make baskets or a rug out of it.

    I can't imagine chewing a wood table - can you say splinters!
    Have a good time visiting with family!

  3. Hi, Glen
    I'm catching up reading my blogs... wow! Always so much here to see and hear about. I tried that rope but gave up too soon. Yours is awesome, can't wait to see what you do with it. I never thought about the snoods... when Cole's ears dip in food I trim the hair since his flap is short. And just WHY are dog beds so costly???

  4. Well, I know I've been out of touch--could be I still am--but I'm not sure my curiosity is satisfied. What are you doing with the rope??? I really like it, btw.

    True story, our grandson (a real boy) did his teething on our coffee table. There are tiny chew marks on it still. (Richard insists on keeping it because it's sentimental.) For many years I called him "Puppy" because of his chewing. He's now 16 and occasionally I call him that with love. He's about 6'3" and huge, so it's always said with grandmotherly love.


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